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Meet Xina at GITEX Global!

Yara Akasheh
October 6, 2022
Arabic Voice Assistant
News and Events

The most awaited global networking and alliance forging connector event of the year, GITEX Global, with Xina AI participating. The opportunity to showcase Xina's AI Solutions to tech maestros and audiences can generate leads and increase Xina's ROI.

Founded in 1981 in the UAE, GITEX is an abbreviation of the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition; it's the world's most prominent technology event in the arena. The celebration of technological advancements, innovations, tech enthusiasts, and startups all gathered in one space to discuss, debate, and share knowledge and ideologies.

Xina is a Dialectal Interactive Voice Assistant and Bi-Lingual Chatbot that allows organizations to automate customer service conversations and provide accurate chat analytics. 

Xina offers easy integration across multiple channels and decrees a true omnichannel experience for the end user.  

One of Xina's unique values is the Hybrid Text to Speech (TTS), which combines both Arabic and English TTS using the same voice. We aim to provide a solution that enables different communities and businesses to design their own use cases using a low-code platform.

The participation of Xina in GITEX Global will increase the awareness of IVA solutions and educate the incorporation of NLU and NLP technologies into systems to enhance customer satisfaction. With a networking opportunity and an increase in global reach, GITEX Global is the event to partake in.

Xina: https://www.xina.tech/

GITEX Global: https://www.gitex.com/

AI Everything: https://www.ai-everything.com/home