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Enhance your customer service experience with our cutting-edge Arabic Dialect Intelligent Voice Assistant and Interactive Chatbot

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Customer Expectations

Exceed Customer Expectations

Exceed Customer Expectations

Provide quick and accurate responses to your customers boosted by data-driven solutions.

24 Hour service

Around the Clock Customer Service 24/7

Around the Clock Customer Service 24/7

Cease your customers’ hold and wait time with Xina's assistance.

Xina Workflow

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Automate your routine tasks; and focus on the more sensitive matters.

Customer experience and satisfaction

 Enhance your Customer Satisfaction

Enhance your Customer Satisfaction

Enhance your customer support efficiently and effectively with the use of AI.

Chat Analysis

Ensure Accurate Conversation Analytics

Ensure Accurate Conversation Analytics

Never worry about mis-information; Xina's accuracy is certain with our Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Arabic Voice Assistant Omnichannel Presence

Effortless Integration Across Multiple Channels

Effortless Integration Across Multiple Channels

Worry less about integration; and focus more on your business ventures with our effortless Omnichannel.

Xina Resource Strengthening

Strengthen your Resource Efficiency

Strengthen your Resource Efficiency

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and AI will provide you with a systematic, cost-effective outcome.

ROI Improvement

Improve your ROI by 40%

Improve your ROI by 40%

We ensure an increase in investments by authorizing Xina to handle your daily regime.

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Intelligent Voice Assistant

Revolutionary IVA technology seamlessly integrates with all systems, automates calls and customer queries, and increases data analytics accuracy.
Our Arabic Voice Assistant will surely increase your ROI and enhance your customer success.

Xina Arabic Voice Assistant
Xina natural conversation

Natural Conversation

Xina handles customer support conversations in a natural, friendly, and interactive manner that resembles human agents.

Arabic Voice Assistant Omnichannel Presence

Omnichannel Presence

Providing seamless integration with any and all telephony providers (Cisco, Avaya, Genesys) and any voice-to-voice system.

Customer Inquiries

Customer Intent

Conversing and responding to customer inquiries while providing timely and accurate responses.

Chat Analysis Xina

Conversation Analytics

Xina generates data-filled conversational rundowns, which are crucial for quality control enhancements.

Interactive Chatbot

A brilliant AI-powered Arabic chatbot that enhances customer support and complements your sales schemes through Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Chat Analytics.

Xina Arabic ChatbotXina Arabic ChatbotXina Arabic Chatbot
Customer Inquiries

Customer Inquiries

Interpreting the customers’ needs and providing detailed/timely responses.

Arabic Voice Assistant Omnichannel Presence

Cross-channel Presence

Providing seamless integrations with any and all Social Media Platforms (i.e., Facebook, WhatsApp) and any web or mobile chat app.

Xina agent transfer

Agent Transfer

Xina identifies when to transfer chats and to which agent based on the inputs and Artificial Intelligence.

Xina maximum security

Maximum Security

Xina takes extreme caution to you and your customers' data, guaranteeing crucial security measures.


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Balador is changing the customer flow management concept, Xina is one of the companies that is a game changer in the Interactive Voice Assistant field, with Xina we have managed to enhance our customer journey experience with full support to languages and accents, being a partner with Xina always feels like the sky the limit.

Mohammad Atout
CEO of Balador

Xina will improve customer satisfaction as it will drop issues turnaround time tremendously.  Not only satisfaction will be increased but cost of support will drop radically as it will save on hiring more people.  Xina is very scalable which means it will be able to ramp up supporting inquiries and issues instantly.

Ibrahim Seksek
COO of Rainmaking

Xina is a state of the art piece of technology, employing proprietary machine learning algorithms for Arabic speech recognition and human language processing to develop intelligent assistance for a multitude of voice based use cases. A truly unique solution with advanced capabilities that is long awaited for in the MENA region.

Khaldoon Aqel
Managing Partner at Process&Smith

Xina’s technology will play a huge role in the customer service field, especially when it comes to its support in the Arabic language, allowing us to become much more efficient while ensuring excellent quality.

Zeena Majali
Co-founder of Crystel

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