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Customer Service Assistant

Xina provides Artificial Intelligence solutions to automate customer service in the Arabic and English languages and in regional dialects

Dramatically improve CX by automating your entire customer support workflow

Improve Customer Satisfaction Rate

Put Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding to use to provide faster, data-driven, and much more accurate customer service and support.

Become Available for Customers 24/7

Do not keep your customers waiting on the line or on hold while an answer is being collected. Xina is available everywhere, at all times, and instantly answers all queries.

Increase Resource Efficiency and ROI

Let Xina automate 40% of your customer care tasks and allow your human agents to focus on strategic and complex tasks so you can scale and grow your success.

Interactive Voice Assistant

Revolutionary IVA technology that seamlessly integrates with your systems, automates your calls and customer queries, and amps up your data and analytics. Discover the features of the world’s first Arabic IVA

Natural Conversation

Xina handles customer support conversations in a natural, friendly,  & interactive manner that resembles human agents.

Omnichannel Presence

Xina integrates seamlessly with Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, and all telephony providers and any voice-to-voice system.

Zero Hold & Wait Time

Xina eliminates hold time for customers by being available 24/7 and by instantly replying to an ever-growing number of queries.

Conversation Analytics

Xina generates conversation summaries and rich data that is vital for quality control and enhancement.

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Extremely intelligent, AI powered Arabic chatbot that increases your communication channels, speeds up your customer support, and enriches your sales activities through Natural Language Understanding and chat analytics. Discover Xina Chatbot’s features

Customer Intent

Xina interprets customer intent based on the chat and provides accurate and timely responses.

Omnichannel Presence

Xina integrates seamlessly with all social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Whatsapp) and any web-based or mobile chat app.

Agent Transfer

Xina learns to whom and when to transfer chats based on input customization and artificial intelligence.

Maximum Security

Xina cares deeply about your data and your customers’ data and guarantees top security measures.

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Expand your customer support operations and revenue streams by deploying Xina directly for your clients.

Xina’s technology will play a huge role in the customer service field, especially when it comes to its support in the Arabic language, allowing us to become much more efficient while ensuring excellent quality.

Zeena Majali
Co-founder of Crystel

Xina will improve customer satisfaction as it will drop issues turnaround time tremendously.  Not only satisfaction will be increased but cost of support will drop radically as it will save on hiring more people.  Xina is very scalable which means it will be able to ramp up supporting inquiries and issues instantly.

Ibrahim Seksek
COO of Rainmaking

Xina is a state of the art piece of technology, employing proprietary machine learning algorithms for Arabic speech recognition and human language processing to develop intelligent assistance for a multitude of voice based use cases. A truly unique solution with advanced capabilities that is long awaited for in the MENA region.

Khaldoon Aqel
Managing Partner at Process&Smith
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