AI-Driven bilingual chatbot to motivate your customer support

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Xina Arabic Chatbot

Be available 24/7 for your customers and instantly provide exceptional quality & support with our Arabic Chatbot.

The brilliance of incorporating an AI-powered chatbot that undoubtedly will increase your customer support and sales ventures; by incorporating NLU and Chat Analytics.

Natural Conversation

Natural Conversation

Steering customer support and inquiries in a spontaneous approach resembling the human touch.

Omnichannel Presence

Cross-channel Presence

Unparalleled integration with Facebook, WhatsApp, etc... along with any and all web-based or mobile chat apps to drive sales and traffic.

Agent Transfer

Agent Transfer

Xina can transfer conversations (chats, messages, …etc.) to specific agents based on the requirements and inquiries of the customer in an uncomplicated manner.

customer intents and inquiries

Customer Intent

Conversing and responding to customer intents & inquiries, reducing wait time and generating transcripts while providing timely and accurate outcomes.

CRM Integration

CRM Integrations

Integrating with several CRM software to guarantee Data Centralization and Process Automation.

ERP Xina

ERP Utilization

Operating with multiple ERP software  in order to assist in managing day-to-day business activities and guaranteeing better analytics, improving productivity and assuring  a sole source of information.

Xina maximum security

Maximum Protection

With the assistance of the latest AI technologies, Xina ensures the highest security measures for you and your customers' data.

NLP Xina

Built-in Xina NLP

Designing the NLP software internally  to ensure maximum accuracy in understanding the written and spoken human language.

Conversation Design in Arabic Chatbot

Conversation Design

Designing experiences that ensures a mutual understanding between customers and Xina; with the incorporation of Natural Language Understanding.

Customer experiences

Automate Customer Experiences

Creating an easy path for your customers to interact with your business; promising to solve the most complex issues.

Utilizing low-codes

Utilizing Low-Codes

Building your own conversational AI Solution by employing low codes (little to no-coding required) tailored to your company’s needs.

Chat analytics

Chat Analytics

Xina processes and generates chat summaries & reports filled with rich data that can optimize your customer support and improve efficiency that is vital for efficient quality control and business advancement.

Develop your bilingual customer service capabilities using our NLU and Chat Analytics

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