About Us

Legal Name

Al Zeina International For Software Development

Brand Name

Xina AI



Phone Number

+962 788889811


Jordan- Amman- Al-Dakhliyya Circle, Etihad Insurance Compound

Xina is the world’s first Arabic Interactive Voice Assistant (IVA) and Chatbot that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding to automate customer care functions.

Xina is designed to integrate with all digital and telecommunication channels, to provide customers with top-notch 24/7 service, and to free up your valuable agents from repetitive tasks, so you can focus on driving your business success.

Xina helps you;

  1. Improve Customer Satisfaction Rate
    Using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding, Xina provides faster, data-driven, and much more accurate customer service and support.
  2. Become Available for Customers 24/7
    You do not need to keep your customers waiting on the line or on hold while an answer is collected. Xina is available everywhere, at all times, and instantly answers all queries.
  3. Increase Resource Efficiency and ROI
    Xina automates 40% of your customer care tasks and allows your human agents to focus on strategic and complex tasks so you can scale and grow your success.

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