About Us


Xina is on a mission to pioneer the development of AI-driven voice technologies that revolutionize communication, solve business challenges, and build speech recognition applications for everyday life.


Xina aspires to preserve and advance the Arabic language by creating groundbreaking AI technologies that empower Arabic speakers in their professional and personal lives.

Business Statement

Xina is the first Arabic Dialectal Interactive Voice Assistant, designed to cater to your company and your clients’ needs. With multiple dialects and easy integration into your systems, Xina promises a growth in revenue and an increase in client satisfaction.


At Xina we inspire and aspire.

We inspire our team to learn, grow and excel.

We aspire that our company grows to unimaginable depths and takes the AI world by storm.

We have created a community-based, innovative and encouraging environment. 

Xina aims to prosper and emerge in the strongest form.

Xina's Team Values

Xina is your Solution

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