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How to Have Happy Online Shoppers in 3 Steps

Mohannad Aljawamis
August 18, 2021
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How to increase customer service quality. Have Happy online shoppers in 3 steps. Customer service using Artificial Intelligence.

How to Have Happy Online Shoppers in 3 Steps

So you’ve launched an E-commerce store; you have created a stunning design and a smooth buying journey, you’ve sourced high quality products with attractive packaging, you’ve developed catchy content and persuasive visuals, and you’re all ready for many online sales and lucrative profits. 

But wait a minute, do you have what it takes to keep your shoppers happily cared for? Do you have the right customer service tools to ensure that the pre, during, and post purchase experience is as satisfying as your products? 

Online shopping is equally about quality customer service as it is about quality products, fast shipping, and bargain prices. After all, if your customers feel that nobody is paying attention to them and their questions aren’t easily answered, you can say goodbye to growth and retention. 

But the solution can be quite simple: customer service can be enhanced easily and even automated via intelligent voice assistants and chatbots

Here are three easy steps that will help you have happy online shoppers:  

1. Offer multiple channels and modes of support 

It is no longer enough to offer a support email address and hope that your shoppers will be content sending emails and waiting for a reply. Today’s online shoppers seek support in a variety of modes and across multiple channels; email, knowledge sections, live chat, social media, smartphone applications, phone calls, etc. 

The more you limit how your customers can reach you, the more likely they are to be frustrated and potentially abandon your shop for competitors. 

The key is being available across multiple channels to provide support. And if that’s too difficult given your limited manpower or time, automation is the answer. Tools like Xina can help you be omnipresent with one simple setup. 

2. Drop the limited business hours for customers 

Your employees may be required to work from 9:00am until 5:00pm five days a week. But you can’t tell your customers to not need any help from you outside of those hours. Especially as an E-commerce store, you are “open” for business 24/7, and so should be your customer service operations. 

Day or night, mid-week or weekend, your nonstop presence to support your online shoppers can make a huge difference. Again, this is where utilising artificial intelligence can save you from the headache of endless call center shifts. 

3. Analyze your customer success data 

You most likely already track many information about your store and shoppers; traffic, clicks, items bought, average revenue per customer, etc. Such data can be vital for your day-to-day activities and for your long term strategies. 

But data and analytics should not stop when it comes to customer service. You need to track things like; how often customers reach out for support, what topics or areas of your store cause most customer queries, how fast are you able to respond to customers, what score (NPS) would customers give you, etc. 

Having access to such insights can turn your reactive customer service efforts into proactive customer success strategies. You can be much more effective in ensuring your customers are content and that they return for more shopping on your site without worrying about any obstacles they could face or any questions they may think of. 

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