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Best Use Cases for Arabic Chatbots in the B2B Market

Marwa Mohammad
January 31, 2023
Artificial Intelligence
chatbots proved to be very effective for the b2b market. However, the use of chatbots depends mainly on your business needs. Here are some ways you can use chatbots in the B2B market.

A Chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to understand customer questions and automate tasks to improve your business.

This is why chatbots proved to be very effective for the b2b market. However, the use of chatbots depends mainly on your business needs. Here are some ways you can use chatbots in the B2B market.

24/ Availability to Support Customers

The main benefit of integrating a chatbot with your business is serving customers. Chatbots can be available 24/7 to serve customers quickly and effectively. Since customers hate on-hold time, offering them a service like 24/7 availability can help companies to win their customers for life and therefore increase sales. 

Increasing Sales and Reducing Costs

Chatbots are guaranteed to increase your sales and reduce your cost. Integrating a chatbot with your business will definitely reduce business costs. You may include them on your business website, on social media channels, on instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, or on your business app. By doing that, you are reducing the costs of recruiting and hiring a team to perform all the tasks mentioned above. 

Further, chatbots increase customer interaction. Due to their availability, chatbots also increase customer engagement by responding to all of their questions and offering them tips related to the products they are interested in. Depending on AI-based and algorithm-driven recommendations, chatbots have a vital role in increasing sales since they keep showing users up-to-date products that attract their interest. 

FAQ answers 

Chatbots are the most effective way to answer customers’ frequently asked questions about a certain product. Chatbots can be available on your website or applications. It is advisable that a repetitive task like answering customers’ frequent questions to be automated in order to leave other tasks that require creativity and thinking for humans to perform. 

Chatbot Marketing

If companies can handle customer communication well, they can succeed in all of their marketing strategies, especially digital ones. Since marketing is all about conversations, increasing the volume of marketing conversations is key to success. So, after you decide to integrate a chatbot into your business, reaching out to customers will be easier. 

Chatbots and Retail

When retailers integrate a chatbot into their business, it can help their customers with in-store shopping. When the data and location of each product are implemented with the chatbot’s API, in-store shopping will take less time and effort because the chatbot will help customers find the product they are looking for easily. Moreover, chatbots help retailers increase their sales since they send mobile alerts and updates. For example, if your customers order something, your chatbot can send customers updates concerning the time for delivery which gives them time to get ready in order to take the order.

Healthcare Services 

Chatbots provide healthcare services that save time and effort for your business. These services include scheduling appointments, collecting patients' data, and handling insurance inquiries, in addition to medication reminders for patients. You can definitely reduce all costs of hiring people to perform the tasks, thanks to the chatbot of course.


Chatbots can be used for banking services to automate most of the banking services such as handling customers’ complaints, giving answers to queries, and offering financial advice and insight. This means that chatbots can help customers in taking decisions regarding their investments. Also, chatbots can keep your customers notified about their bank account status including account balance and details.

In today’s world, customers’ needs tend to be inspired by tech advancements.

This is why companies do their best to keep up with such demands by integrating intelligent chatbots that meet their customers’ needs. Xina’s chatbot will definitely help you achieve your goals in all the areas discussed above. Integrating a chatbot like Xina’s into your business will be a starting point for your business vision. Whether it’s a healthcare, banking, e-commerce telecom, or government organization,

the brilliance of Xina’s AI-powered chatbot will doubtlessly increase your customers’ support and sales. Unlike any other chatbot, Xina’s chatbot gives your customers a human-like resemblance due to its advanced level of natural language understanding NLU and Chat Analytics. As mentioned, A chatbot like that can bring great results to the b2b market and this is why many companies use chatbots to accelerate their business.