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Xina Partners with NVIDIA to Accelerate AI Capabilities in Voice Applications

Mohannad Aljawamis
October 28, 2021
AI Voice Technology Xina

With daring but exciting goals, Xina joined NVIDIA Inception, an acceleration platform for AI, data science and HPC startups that provides critical go-to-market support, in effort to capitalize on Xina’s AI capabilities and already evident signs of success. 

This partnership comes at an important time for Xina after announcing one million dollars in seed funding and a set of strategic objectives for the company’s future that include; the expansion of Xina’s services across the region; developing Xina’s technology and improving its algorithm’s accuracy; and increasing the Arabic dialects it supports with a particular focus on Levantine, Egyptian, and GCC dialects.

Needless to say, and with a long history in powering AI technologies at a global scale, NVIDIA will provide critical support to Xina’s capabilities and will accelerate its go-to-market and product readiness. NVIDIA Inception will offer support to Xina in various areas including:


  • Upskilling programs for Xina’s AI team and empowering developers with latest technologies, tools, world class guidance and support as well as access to deep learning institute as well as Nvidia developer forums. 

  • Gaining access to NVIDIA’s network of potential investors and clients, and even customers. Xina will also access a network of fellow startups at exclusive NVIDIA Inception events and will receive co-marketing support through all of NVIDIA’s channels. 

  • Accessing GPU (Graphical Processing Units) applications and hardware are best suited for Xina’s needs, and accessing GPU infrastructure through NVIDIA Inception incubators that are located all around the world.

Xina is relentless about fulfilling its mission to pioneer the development of voice-powered technologies and to revolutionize communication, solve business challenges, and help develop AI and speech recognition applications for everyday life. Joining NVIDIA Inception is a step in the right direction and for making Xina part of every Arabic-speaking business.