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Artificial Intelligence

Xina is Set to Redefine the Customer Experience in the Middle East

Mohannad Aljawamis
May 7, 2021
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Artificial intelligence is available for Arabic speaking businesses. How to use AI for customer service.

Xina is Set to Redefine the Customer Experience in the Middle East

For Arabic speaking businesses who are on the lookout for relevant Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, Xina is the answer. As the world’s first Arabic interactive voice assistant (IVA) and chatbot, Xina was launched out of Amman, Jordan, with a mission to make customer service for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region easy, fast, and extremely accurate. 

XINA is a smart voice assistant and chat bot assistant that uses artificial intelligence and natural language understanding to resolve customer queries in Arabic and English. The IVA relies on AI and human-like communication in order to automate customer service in a way that is natural and effective and allows businesses to grow and expand. 

The technology was developed using millions of data points and machine training to create a human-like communicator that is capable of continuously learning and growing in order to also adapt and grow with the businesses using it.

Among many impressive features, XINA communicates in local dialects; it detects various dialects and communication intents, it fully eliminates customer hold time; and it generates deep analysis of conversations to continue learning from itself and to expand its capabilities. 

Backed by Leading Contact Center, Crystel

Xina received a seed investment from Crystel, the region’s leading contact center and business outsourcing provider, to uncover unprecedented possibilities in AI and to enhance the speed, quality, security, and even cost-effectiveness of customer service operations across the MENA region. 

Ramez Kalis, Co-Founder and CEO of Crystel says regarding the investment: “The proliferation of communication tools along with our increasingly fast-paced lifestyle means that we must always deploy the latest technologies to meet the ever-growing expectations of customers and to enhance their experience. XINA gives businesses a powerful way to reap the benefits of AI and to use them to achieve operational efficiency, scalability, and stronger customer relationships.”

A future for the Arabic Business Language 

Aside from the immediate goal of revolutionizing customer service and enhancing its quality, the vision of Xina is actually much wider; the goal is to marry AI and the Arabic language to produce highly useful applications that support and preserve the daily use of the Arabic language.

“We aspire to preserve and advance the Arabic language by creating artificial intelligence technologies to empower Arabic speakers in their professional and personal lives,” says Sari Hweitat, Co-Founder and CEO of XINA. “Not only do we envision Xina playing a huge role in call center operations, we also aim to expand the capabilities of our AI technology for many day-to-day communications.” 

Today, XINA presents a new way for businesses to put world-class technology to use without compromising on the regional linguistic preferences and needs. XINA created a blueprint for further applications that can place and keep the Arabic language on the global business map.