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Simple Steps to Increase Your Customer Service Quality

Mohannad Aljawamis
June 20, 2021
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Quick and simple ways to improve customer service quality. Check out these strategies to enhance customer success.

Simple Steps to Increase Your Customer Service Quality

When seeking to build long-lasting relationships with your customers, the quality of the service you offer them is paramount. Customers are highly attentive to when, where, and how you offer to support them throughout their purchase journey and beyond. 

So it goes without saying that a main challenge of customer service management is ensuring that quality remains consistently high and that customers are able to gain the care they need with minimum, if not any, trouble. 

Here are a few simple steps that can dramatically increase customer service quality for your business: 

  1. Consider increasing your channel availability

Today’s customers are tech-savvy, efficient, and have high expectations of your business. It is not enough to offer them an email address from which they can seek help. It is likely that your customers will try to reach you on social media, WhatsApp, email, phone calls, live chat, and through a multitude of chat or voice channels. 

Your first objective should be to offer customers a good mix of communication channels that they can use based on their convenience and choice. 

  1. Become a 24/7 customer care provider 

Your official business hours may be from 9am to 6pm but your customers' questions, issues, or concerns may arise at any point in time and on any day. Therefore, the simple “unavailable” or “out of office” message may frustrate and deter many of your customers. 

While it may be difficult to deploy all of your customer agents 24/7, there are tools that can help you easily achieve 24/7 availability such as a smart, AI-powered voice and chat assistant

  1. Minimize customer wait time 

The infamous hold time telephone music or the seemingly one-sided Facebook chat are all too familiar for many customers. The fact that customers have to wait days, or even minutes to receive an answer is today considered unacceptable. Yes, you may call it impatience, but the speed of today’s communication technologies cascades over to the business world and calls for instantaneous customer care. 

Automating parts of your customer care can solve the hold-time headache for you. After all, an intelligence voice assistant functions like an infinite number of customer care agents with the ability to answer queries on the spot. 

  1. Up-skill your customer care team 

Many call centers and businesses overlook training and up skilling their customer care representatives. They falsely assume that their job is so simple that not much training is required beyond the initial onboarding. This is evidently problematic. Customer service agents need to be constantly up skilled not only in terms of the internal product updates and process changes, but also in areas like empathy, efficiency, and objection handling. 

Investing in training and development can also help keep your customer care teams engaged; the lack of which is a common issue that causes high employee turnover. 

  1. Use data and analytics to improve your support 

There are a multitude of data points that you could and need to analyze on a regular basis to understand your customer care pitfalls and areas of improvement. From average call duration, commonly asked questions, customer demographics, tones and emotions, word choice, and much more; understanding the anatomy of your customer care operation is a quantitative and qualitative research process. 

If you don’t have the right tools to help with this, make sure that you look into AI-supported applications and IVA’s that can do the heavy-lifting on your behalf and provide you with rich analysis that you can use for decision making.