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4 Common Challenges Call Centers Face and Quick Fixes

Mohannad Aljawamis
March 28, 2021
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Customer service call centers in the Middle East and the world face serious challenges. Here are some common problems and solutions for great customer care.

4 Common Challenges Call Centers Face and Quick Fixes

It is quite common for businesses with high customer facing operations to resort to call centers for handling their customer care operations. Whether related to retail sales (E-commerce), banking, telecommunication, or any other operations; call centers have provided a way for businesses and organizations to assist customers and handle their inquiries. 

Yet, call centers across the Middle East and the world face a set of challenges that restrict their effectiveness, quality, and ability to scale. Here are some of the most common issues these call centers may face and how Xina, the world’s first Arabic interactive voice and chat assistant, can quickly solve them: 

1. High operational costs 

The main driver for call centers is human resources. Customer service agents need to be hired, onboarded, trained, managed, and incentivized. This means that there is a significant ongoing investment in order to maintain productivity and customer satisfaction. At the same time, growth is limited by the availability of qualified human agents and the funds to invest in them and scale. 

This is where artificial intelligence is very useful. The technology that powers an interactive voice assistant like Xina, opens new doors for businesses to achieve greater cost efficiencies. Xina is one resource with endless benefits in terms of channel and time availability, volume of customer queries, speed, and quality of service. In other words, investing in one technology can disproportionately increase a call center’s capabilities while keeping costs in check. 

2. Inability to predict demand

Call centers can never be fully certain of increases and decreases in demand for their services. Sure, there might be several models and tools to predict call volume and potential queries, but the reality is demand is not fully projectable. Call centers deal with various clients whose businesses go through many changes that in turn cause fluctuations in customer support needs. This makes it nearly impossible to be fully prepared for demand fluctuations. 

Xina enables customer centers to provide an automated agent that provides human-like support yet is unfazed by the spikes or drops in demand. Using an AI-powered voice and chat assistant means being available 24/7 and being able to handle any number of customer queries. 


3. Limited information retention and analysis 

It is unrealistic to expect human agents to retrieve and analyze a high amount of information while also focusing on assisting the customer and resolving their concern. Traditional call center tools offer limited data and analysis capabilities, which often results in a lack of meaningful insights and understanding of challenges and opportunities for the business. 

Investing in a tool that automatically generates conversation summaries and deep analysis is a must, especially for call centers that seek to enhance the quality of their services and ensure continuous growth. Luckily, Xina IVA and Chatbots offer built-in data and analysis capabilities that ensure all calls and chats are thoroughly tracked and analyzed. 

4. High staff turnover rate

The customer service role, especially at call centers, suffers from a high attrition rate. In general, most call centers experience a large turnover of their customer-facing roles, which poses challenges of re-staffing and training and ensuring that there are always sufficient resources to handle all customer care tasks. 

Automation serves as an ideal tool to solve staff attrition concerns for call centers. Automated voice assistants and chatbots like Xina can automate 40% of customer service tasks and for an ever-growing number of queries. This means that automation serves as the ideal buffer when a call center is understaffed and needs immediate support to maintain operations. 

Overall, AI-powered solutions resolve many of the common challenges that call centers repeatedly face. These solutions also present massive opportunities for scaling operations and growing the number of businesses and clients call centers are able to service. 

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